tuning ve table megasquirt 31 KB 1276x766 viewed 481 times. Tuning the spark table has been very hard read about it in my Tuning post I 39 ve updated it . Play with the MS tuning tools they are generally straightforward but remember if you screw the tuning up irretrievably just open and re burn the last known working . Spark advance table 9. 95gt stock forged 302 shirtblock canfield 195 39 s canfield efi intake efi sheetmetal elbow xe258 208 216 . But my question is dealing with the WOT tuning. TS suggests that the coolant air density be messed with only after you have a solid tune. The shift table is the heart of the MShift transmission control code 39 s auto mode. Dec 05 2005 With megasquirt you have to make sure the VE tables are set up right. VE Table 1 has control of the eWUR and a mid point of 100 in the table VE Table 2 has control of the Frequency Valve and by default with Freq valve to VE set to 1. MegaSquirt and MicroSquirt controllers are not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles. To start viewing messages select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. made rpm limit at 6500 rpm. Finally have success and am real happy with my current tune. After I finished installing and tuning seq inj I 39 ve found out 1. Jan 19 2009 Using the VE table to tune your WOT along with Closed Loop part throttle SD tuning gives you a little more resolution to tune WOT AFR because instead of a single cell per RPM column to tune WOT as you only get in the PE Enrichment table you get 2 3 cells per RPM column to tune naturally apsirated WOT in the VE 95kpa 100kpa 105kpa cells per TunerStudio VE Analyze Live the industry 39 s 1st most proven fast and accurate Live Autotune now brings MegaSquirt Trim Table Autotune Even better you don 39 t have to have a Wideband for each cylinder Set the top table to the VeTable you wish to analyze Click VE Analyze In the dialog click Run Analysis When analysis is complete the suggested table will be displayed. Nov 13 2006 I 39 ve been tuning with the LC 1 since the beginning. Eric Fahlgren MegaTunix for tuning datalogging datalog playback Megasquirt with Linux Mac OS X and Windows. this ecu is very easy to setup and works great for tuning because it will self auto tune the ve tables for you which is awesome for tuning. Then start getting into the enrichments. c 2014 James Murray. Type 4 Megasquirt project Now Tuning Good starting poing timing table by samcat Sun May 24 2015 1 09 Fuel VE AFR and Ignition Table switching based Get the base VE s for warm tick over correct first before touching these subsidiary areas. Spark Table Since ethanol has a much greater resistance to knock it is possible to increase spark advance above what you could normally when using petrol. 59 KB 1279x769 viewed 446 times. If I touch the throttle slowly it will rev up and thru boost. select a tune file from the Folder you created I 39 ve had a fair few people ask me questions about MegaSquirt ECU so I thought I 39 d share some of my knowledge and experience. 29 Dec 2019 Ignition table with less timing below 2000 rpm. New pull request. Even though MS is now seeing a lower intake pressure the VE table tells it that the engines VE went up with the ported heads and it adds fuel subtracts timing as needed. The new timing table has required more changes to fueling than I would have thought which probably illustrates how little I know about this stuff. The higher the weighting the more sure you can be that optimal value has been generated. If you 39 ve ever driven one of the last Range Rover 39 s Tuning MAF setups This guide is for the older setup please see msextra website for how to on the current setup. Just follow the manual on the megasquirt web site. 0L FS motor trans in a BG chassis. The Dub Shop is dedicated to tailoring the best fuel injection and ignition packages for air cooled Volkswagen 39 s built for the street offroad or racing. 5 dp dumped 14psi 3. Page 1 of 9 Megasquirt Maps and Tables posted in MPI Standalone Trials and Tribulations Hey guys please post your Constants Ignition and VE Tables to help those who are just starting in MPI and could use a good set of base maps. This is the basic batch fire version but can be expanded to add sequential injection and 8 channel ignition control with an MS3X board. Fuel and the AFR table. megasquirt tuning issues w composite log page 2. 5 Oct 2015 Tuning your fuel VE table with TunerStudio couldn 39 t be easier. To do this use the Tables VE Tables Tools Generate VE Table utility in TunerStudioMS2. 7 18 13 quick how to tune Megasquirt fuel tables. EFILive Calc. I think I 39 ve got basically the whole thing figured out and it would work extremely well with our engines. I could have sworn at one time I tried 4 squirts alternating but I guess not. Page nbsp . VE Analyze Unparalleled Analyisis of your log files and tune correct your fuel table for you. The MegaSquirt 3 is a drop in daughter card that greatly expands the MegaSquirt 39 s functionality. The genuine B amp G partial kit with PCB3. both tables will have the same injectors. Some observations The hardest part of this install was sifting through the vast amount of literature. After half a dozen datalogs you can get a pretty good Ve Table Tuning EFI Analytics Inc I MegaSquirt firmware uses 4 cell interpolation Good Ve Table Values guideline 30 130 Values typically increase as you climb through the table If VE Values out of range adjust required fuel recommendedVE currentVE egoCorrection 100 actualAFR targetAFR Typical Values Idle 30 60 Jul 10 2010 This table started out as a base tune that was much too rich for the setup ve numbers too high . Once this is on you can go to the AFR target table and set your targets as a function of manifold pressure or boost and RPM. I 39 ve been running Megasquirt on my 2. Since then Outfront has worked on the tune twice. A DB9 cable connects them. 15 to cover for a potentially lean condition if you modded the engine. Registered TS TunerStudio can auto tune WUE works great. Everything is completely different than tuning with open ecu. Turns out my 4AGE doesn 39 t like to go very lean at all. Set this value to 12. IAC setup with 2x11 open close speed table entries. 0L Project Started by Disney 11 Mar 2015 Nov 28 2010 Still working on getting the tune with the turbo perfect but it isn 39 t bad. Megasquirt Accel enrichment tuning. with EGO correction turned on 1 increments every 12 sparks 10 max authority the adjustment is almost always within 1 2 of my VE table. As you drive the car you will see the dot move around within the table. Im running a 2. Sign in anonymously. Dec 17 2015 Megasquirt No power at higher rpms. I had a choice between 3. It reads the logging data Megatune can create. I only have the latest copy of what Rabe Motorsports did. Attached is a quick snap shot of my recent datalog showing VE and ignition tables. In between is a tab you can click that says. xls file load megalog viewer with the . Apr 25 2017 97 2RZ turbo and diy megasquirt. 89 142mph on 16psi So now you are ready to tune. Get an XT the money you are considering spending on upgrading and tuning is imho a waste of time money and effort. BMKIWI I would post screenshots but the ignition table that I am using is a little ahem unique. I would highly recommend the megasquirt system to get the most response and power out of this engine. then don 39 t do it MS gives you almost unlimited opportunities to modify your engine Br. Beobachten sie wo sich der Punkt unter Last befindet hierauf sollten sie ihr Tuning fokussieren. This guide is for tuning mass air flow systems using only MAF on the primary fueling algorithm and NO secondary mafmap fueling algorithm. To get the most out of Megasquirt or any EFI system you gotta read the literature. 5 1. 7. 75 AFR MegaTune is the Windows 95 and later configuration editor for the MegaSquirt EFI controller. Jun 27 2013 When did you get your MegaSquirt Reason I ask is because your tune is WAY different than mine. You can view the original value in the tooltip along with the hit count and weighting. You are aiming to achieve 11. View and Edit your Fuel Spark and AFR tables from a big file. It is powerful and feature rich but it costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars less than comparable systems. 3 so it matches Innovate gauge. My current tune only has like 12 differences from the Base Tune that Reverant originaly gave me. In our experience two screws up top are usually enough though four are provided. with slislight changes to my ve tables and sensor settings. Rasmus _____ 2 1 DJ WBX Vanagon T3 with Megasquirt Renault Lotus UN1 gearbox 320 mm AMG front brakes 280mm Eurovan rear brakes Club Protege gt Competition and Performance gt Engine Management amp Proper Tuning. I 39 ve got my idle dialled in pretty good already but I 39 m going to continue to make a few small tweaks here and there to try and make it even better. xls. Creating an Initial VE Table for Tuning. Drill holes in the rear firewall and screw the MSPNP to the firewall with the provided sheet metal screws. Switched to VE table computed for stock 24E with ReqFuel 22 to 24ms I 39 ve begun tuning the VE table. During the last couple of weeks I ve been tuning the ignition advance table on the MegaSquirt ECU. Work out all bugs and tune everything else first before touching Spark table. . On my megasquirt SD car I 39 d just tune it to be the afr I want at WOT and everywhere else on the map. Fine. MegaTune for tuning and data logging MegaSquirt with a laptop computer running Windows 9x ME XP. Turning the setting on off will require a complete re tune. The community support and documentation for MS is amazing as well. Just a FYI you won 39 t have access to all the tables you need unless you take SCT 39 s dealer training and get Calibrator access A special quot dongle basically a USB drive and it 39 s not cheap. I 39 m running Stock gen 3 3sgte with 540 39 s TD05SL 2 with high flow turbine amp extended tip compressor A2W IC Table used to fail MAF so not MAF data is used to correct fueling issues. This calculated VE table See full list on speeduino. If you buy the paid version of TunerStudio it comes with a neat feature called Tune Analyze Live. Quote nbsp FrankenCIS is a software and hardware project to allow the MegaSquirt family of Valve or equivalent. A. Setup sensor calibrations to match hardware. The gear derived from the shift table is the target gear and the controller will attempt to shift from the current gear to the target gear if they aren 39 t the same already of course Jan 14 2013 The Fuel VE table then becomes far closer to a true VE table. A car I tuned a little this week had this exact problem and dialing the fuel table more and then going back to the accel worked flawlessly. I was going back through all the videos and I knew I missed something critical I had been researching the MegaSquirt products and they do VE but many people tune a VE table and don 39 t reference an AFR Table at all so their VE tables are like from 40 up to 180 and it always confused me. Planning alpha n TPS amp RPM or MAF MAF amp RPM Variable voltage of TPS or MAF signal to vary Air fuel mixture. The MegaShift controller code for the GPIO hardware uses the CAN controller area network to communicate with MegaSquirt II controllers to get get the current load battery voltage and engine rpm and other variables you might want to add to the code . 400kPa MAP and VE Spark table scaling fe3 tuning Megasquirt Tables Alden file has been sent. Thanks again Julian for the info on setting up the new tune for the increased injector size. Sep 18 2015 Boost Duty Table. Jul 17 2008 I 39 m starting this thread to hopefully bring together all the smart tuning people on the forum to help and critique my Megasquirt install. I go over every step what I 39 m looking at looking for and tips and tricks on what to do in a bunch of different situa Sep 18 2015 Tuning your fuel VE table with TunerStudio couldn t be easier. 3 Don 39 t worry about set values for AFR or timing at idle. Remote tuning available email protected X2 on the Megasquirt. Easy to tune. We 39 ve also got our AFR table one. All Version 2 MegaSquirt partial kits have the 250 kPa MAP sensor this is all MegaSquirt sold in the last few years . With the help of Steve Berry we ve datalogged which is simple using Megatune all of the fuel injection s parameters including the O2 readings from the Innovative Technologies wideband sensor. Idle VE under nbsp Note that the tables this will switch to are called VE Table 3 and Ignition Table 3 so these are the tables you 39 ll tune for use when Table Switching is activated. Megasquirt training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the TunerStudio software. Jun 30 2009 Turbo Tuning with MegaSquirt To set up the fuel curves for your turbocharged engine with MegaSquirt you have a number of parameters to work with. Get the serial comms set up. VE is a measure of how efficient the With Megasquirt you can tune your ignition timing Use the Megalog Viewer program to calibrate your VE table. If you 39 re creating two tables for different octanes which is only necessary if you want to run the same boost pressure with both fuels then you 39 d make it switch timing tables not fuel ve tables. The sensors also appeared to match a Chevy and the VE table had KPa values up to 150Kpa. For a spark advance table generator see Creating an Initial Spark Table for Tuning Note If you use 39 calculated 39 for the cranking advance you should use a low advance figure 5 or less in the lowest rpm highest kPa bins so that you do not have too much cranking advance which can break starters etc. 3 fords for years and it was by far the best investment I 39 ve ever made. Once to change some radiator fan settings 2010 and check what Rabe did amp last September 2012 on their dyno for more boost 9 psi and a correction for fuel pressure changes because of changing the fuel pressure regulator. MegaSquirt II Spare Port Configuration The general purpose I O logic in MegaSquirt II code version 2. MS3Pro EVO does not have peak and hold injector drivers but it does share some increased I O a Base Table Configuration Base Ignition Timing Fuel Pressure Initial Startup Idle Tuning Steady State Fuel Tuning Steady State Ignition Tuning Full Power Tuning. You can get that from documentation or OEM curve provided the sensor location and ducting is exactly as it was stock from the factory or by having the MAF ducting Mar 20 2017 MegaSquirt TunerStudio Ignition advance table. Then over at the right where the VE table is find the button to load the right msq file and This is a tool for establishing a baseline VE table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt. It is designed to work in Mozilla Firefox 6. 5 14. I 39 m running tables that are loosely based on Kristians but feel the engine is not as Tuning Tuning Megasquirt. Auto tune via MS EGO control. spark map VE table boost control settings boost table afr table ego settings crankingPW and a few others. 0 zetec with gsxr600 TB 39 s and am looking for a map that someone has already for theirs to see if it helps me understand a few things. 10. If you have used Advantage or ProRacer you would know how much of a asset tuning stuff live is. 8 and LT 39 s with custom 3. It is based on the 39 rules of thumb 39 presented here Making a Spark Advance Table I have been messing with the fuel VE table to try and reach my target AFRs at idle is that the correct way of doing it Been trying to research and I got that information from a tuning course I recently purchased to hopefully help me get started with megasquirt. 7 if you 39 re using gasoline . Dec 02 2019 I 39 m working on tuning the VE table in Speed Density mode on a 99 Camaro SS. Could somebody send VE and spark table maps The engine is from Discovery I and auto transmittion ZF V8 3. After that the Hydra has the ability to tune itself. Feb 24 2009 Launch control and table switch circuit table switch is on JS9 Launch JS11 Software. Octane doesn 39 t matter. Mustang VE table1. 0 1 so they adjust their VE table at this point to achieve an 11. Apr 07 2012 Auto tune got me close but I needed about 8 more fuel across the board at full load and then another 10 near peak torque at 3500. Especially for those running boosted setups and need the ability to tune the ECU. It runs on a laptop or notebook computer and lets the user see adjust and record quot datalog quot the tuning parameters by 39 talking 39 with MegaSquirt through the serial port the laptop has a serial port and MegaSquirt does too. Please list Injector SizeOctane RatingTurbo amp PSI RunningStyle of IgnitionThanks guys I will have my Tables Maps up as soon as I know there good. com I upgraded from megasquirt 1 to megasquirt 2 and when the truck had megasquirt 1 I was able to get the truck running and driving I never fully dialed it in but it did run. I have done lots nbsp 6 Jan 2019 I 39 d suggest checking the MegaSquirt Initial Testing and Engine Odds and Ends first I also specifically do not supply my tune or specific tables as it is better if you VE Table 1 AFR Table 1 and the Ignition Table are all nbsp Once the engine is relatively warm over 160 degrees you can start tuning the Fuel VE table to dial in the idle air fuel ratio AFR . I attached the MSQ file which would be a base tune for a distibutorless stock 302 and pictures of my fuel and spark tables. 72. It is very useful while you are tuning. 2 MSPNP2s go to Basic Setup gt More Ignition Settings . It appears my map was for a turbo d or supercharged Chevy V8. My Profile My Preferences Regards tuning the ignition table this can only be fine tuned on a rolling road. After you do that then go to the VE Table and go to tools and click quot Generate VE table quot that 39 ll get you a base VE map. 3K likes. But depending on temperature your enrichment can be 50 greater that Stolic which is 14. Check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MegaSquirt or MicroSquirt controller is legal for your application. This is a tool for establishing a baseline AFR table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt or MicroSquirt controllers. Mar 17 2010 Two days ago I decide to load the latest firmwire to try to resolve a wideband issue. This will be easier and avoid any configuration errors with loading a tune file from a different firmware or with some other hardware change that provides a software hardware conflict. As I 39 m starting to intall a Megajolt Ignition ECU on my carbed GTI6 205 I 39 m searching for hte values of a timing table come from a near standard gti6 engine. It is based on the MicroSquirt but is designed especially for users wanting to add custom connectors and or expansion boards. I 39 ve always been both somewhat impressed by Megasquirt mainly in it 39 s functionality and nice graphical tuning software quot Tunerstudio quot but also put off by the complexity of All in all im happier with my megasquirt and i would suggest that you go with megasquirt over Tweecar. I have found that unless a drive train moved from one car to another the VE always needs a fair bit of tweaking. Ideally you ll want the timing to be set to slightly below the timing that would give it the most power on most piston engines this typically works out to somewhere in the 10 to 18 degree range. Open Tune File. In this case we use a table that has rpm on one axis and manifold absolute pressure on the 1. Why not the latest version even if it 39 s still under developpement Today I decide to try the ignition table from Wildman so I import is table and when I switch the car off the car won 39 t start and tunerstudio stay offline and a message said no firmwire was install. 7 but you need to input the correct voltage for the Target VE table. My engine is bored . 5 12 AFR and below 100 Kpa you will be tuning to a 14. 2014 08 30. The table above controls the duty cycle of the boost solenoid. The front page shows eight gauges the left four of which are the major inputs to MegaSquirt and tune MegaSquirt on your engine. VE stands for Volumetric Efficiency a representation of cylinder filling in relation to manifold pressure. I 39 m finding learning megasquirt pretty hard going but i think im getting there slowly. Engine displacement number of cylinders injector size and AFR 14. A 3 In order for the MS II to drive the ISV you have to make some mods you use another transistor . It also helps to tune at I 39 ve seen it a few times when reading about people tuning the fuel side of things they post both VE and AFR tables. Nov 30 2012 Megasquirt 2 VE table needed Discussion in 39 EFI Tuning Questions and Engine Management 39 started by 89notchback Nov 20 2012 . TPS O2 sensor temp sensors. Caution the 029y4 file has a wrong req_fuel and if you plan on using it set it correctly and scale the VE table by . Many of the 13. I know it may be tempting to be an idiot know it all like me and shortcut the process by just saying quot Hell if the basemap is 20 rich between 2000 and 4000 I 39 ll just select everything above that and cut 20 out Oct 10 2008 This unit can be upgraded to MegaSquirt 2 and you 39 ll have the following new improved features Ignition control full spark timing advance control dwell control etc for one coil distributor and EDIS systems Fuel Spark tuning tables at 12 12 resolution or even up to 16x16 fuel table resolution running the latest MS2 Extra firmware Background to know before tuning First remember that ethanol like other alcohol based fuels is a corrosive fuel when compared to gasoline. This will tell the MSPNP to ignore the ignition table and hold a fixed advance angle. I will be putting this in a 1980 MGB. Fuel Tables E85 will effect your engines volumetric efficiency so an alternative VE table needs to be dialed in. After using VE Live there was a small tuned section and a rather large untuned section that the car didn 39 t typically reach because of where the boost was set 21psi and where the car would misfire because of the untuned portion of the map caused 1 VEAL only tunes the VE table so need to get you Ignition and AFR tables done manually. Megatune corrects your VE table entries while you drive. I have messed with the required fuel both up and down from the required fuel given with the req. Intake timing has a much stronger effect than exhaust timing. This is for my FSP AutoX Build found HERE. Obviously there 39 s some work to be done still. 39 V 10. More information about MegaSquirt can be found in DIYAutoTune s thorough F. . . mikey D on 11 25 18. I ran great and I only had to fine tune the VE table a bit to get it near perfect. Plug in the tuning cable first. Datalogging and tuning So you finally have Megasquirt or another EFI hardware installed on your 2002 and all wired up. I am using HEi distributor. I also added 996 cams to the 3. MegaSquirt is open loop until warm 75 C and less than the rpm value you set in the program. 0 though it may work with nbsp 18 Jul 2013 idling and driving overview on tweaking the fuel table from one of my base tunes. Timing is a very useful tool for controlling your idle speed. You may have to register before you can post click the register link above to proceed. There are separate tables for acceleration enrichment and a whole aggregate for boost compensation to fueling. When I upgraded the only thing i changed was the chip and added a wide band oxygen sensor and I 39 ve been having a hard time tuning the truck. Megasquirt is easily configured to control fuel delivery and spark timing for the BMW 2002 M10 engine Warning Megasquirt is not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles . You will tune only the maf transfer function in by using commanded AFR actual AFR grams a second voltage 92 92 ADC count. The more accurate the original VE Table that is generated the less work Auto Tune has to do. 0 Ford Megasquirt DIYPNP for Ford 5. Hi guys. It really is a fast car for me and it is hard to test WOT because you will be breaking traction or the speed limit in no time. The focus of this thread will be mainly on the MegaSquirt 2 product and the MegaSquirt Extra MSExtra firmware Fuel Spark instead of the older MegaSquirt 1 product and f Mar 07 2015 The system reacts like a typical speed density PCM and the majority of the calibration work is done in the main VE table. The MS330 K kit includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt 3. This is then modified further by coolant and intake air correction tables to account for temperature. Sep 30 2009 After 10 days and 500 miles of tuning with MegaLogViewer my VE table is done. aftermarket engine management. or 14. Forgot your password Sign in Sep 07 2012 I 39 ve been tinkering with a few different options on my new build and wanted to share some info with folks on a cheap aftermarket solution using Megasquirt technology. My AFR is off scale as I had a sensor failure and am working on replacing with a newer Bosch 4. The Megasquirt dashboard tuning and log viewer application for Android. 0 though it may work with other browsers. Then the VE table is tuned to achieve that AFR. msq file version you have saved and start again. If you want to learn how to tune your MegaSquirt ECU start to finish this is the course for you. Can anyone give me the timing table of an XU10J4RS engine Thx Tune the idle first then slow speed VE and ignition cruise VE and ignition and then work on up to higher loads and finally WOT VE and ignition. click on that and you can browse to the same Project folder in Tunerstudio Projects but you don 39 t go to the Datalog file. 0 stock engine. I am looking for a base tune for a AMC 360 using Megasquirt II. Definitely stick with the SD route. Install the firmware if required. I have posted decent msq s for both 029y4 and Hi Res HR10g both can be interchanged on a settings level VE tables are different. Simon had it running with MAPdot but it will come with a Vishay TPS from FarnellOne group buy so you could run TPSdot. To learn more and purchase click the link bit. Jan 03 2019 VE Table 1 AFR Table 1 and the Ignition Table are all auto generated from the engine specs as mentioned in the post linked above. 28 Jun 2018 My Megasquirt Videos middot First Miata running FreeEMS Jaguar combo Will do and tune once I get all the VE table issues worked out. For this reason I like to do my work on the 3d tables under the tuning button in nbsp 27 Jun 2005 Re map your VE table. Make several runs and use a little common sense to smooth out cells that don 39 t match neighboring cells. To start you tuning efforts with your MicroSquirt controller you can calculate an initial VE table that has sufficient RPM and kPa bins as well as an estimate of the VE based on your maximum torque and horsepower figures. 7 1 air to fuel ratio and the engine actually pulled in a volume of air equal to its own displacement every engine cycle at the temperature and pressure that MegaSquirt measures. Megasquirt 1 allows fuel control and Megasquirt 2 adds the ability to control spark what I 39 d want . when I was going about getting my initial timing values and crank sensor placement the values corresponding to the actual position of the sensor literally did not work. For ITB 39 s I 39 ve also had better luck with the rpm based accel then the normal accel. 5. It should fire up and run with a little bit of tweaking. 7 or a little richer. Tuning Theory Tuning Software Using MegaTune Resets Setting the Constants Before Starting Your Engine Get the Engine Started and Idling Setting the PWM Criteria Setting the Cold Start and Warm Up Enrichments Setting the VE Table Tuning with Alpha N Datalogging and MSTweak3000 I will hit the dyno again for tuning after I get Megasquirt installed. 4. ideasandsolutions. This may seem like a much larger added expense but the laptop is only necessary when Re MegaSquirt Tuner Studio Tuning Theories Concepts Post by supakat Thu Mar 05 2015 3 15 pm Shoot gap them down for the time being so you can feel the power and just switch to COP when you have everything lined up for the install. It allows all of the parameters to be modified and has a real time VE table editor which allows a vehicle passenger to tune the engine while driving. Unless you are looking at a real built na engine but then is a Forester really the best car Oct 21 2019 Now with the MegaSquirt PNP2 it already cruises around better than before. 29 Jan 2010 Megasquirt has done that from the very start. xml to . 5 . MS Megasquirt Jolt Existing user Sign In . These are small VE and spark tables which are used only at idle. On the other hand I have found that similar combinations require similar spark tables albeit a quot 2. I 39 ve taken the liberty of re scaling your ve table setting a rough afr target table and a few other things. Alt. Tony has a very good start file. Andruczyk Screen Diyautotune Miata When did you get your MegaSquirt Reason I ask is because your tune is WAY different than mine. 7i quot with flat pistons 885 is no where near the same as a true seta Nov 11 2008 One concept that is used in MegaSquirt tuning is the VE table. go datalog this and see if it 39 s any better. Common settings that can skew megasquirt 3 self tuning Ve Table Values Check timing table values amp tune Spark Table. VE1 table VE2 table. Might find the tables useful to compare your tune. R Megasquirt etc If this is your first visit be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. It 39 s a 2. No use of VE analyzer or tuning of the VE table will happen. To test the polarity set every cell to 0 and do a run to see if you hit boost cut or not. At its simplest bigger numbers equal more fuel. The Lancer 39 s nbsp 7 Oct 2010 MEGAsquirt VE table tuning My setup is 2001 head block intake 1997 fueling system 1997 sensors 1997 body 1997 alt no A C or P S 949 nbsp 28 Jun 2016 3. My method is tune the AFT table first then the VE table then acceleration enrichment then cold start idle speed fan on off a c cutout and etc. Here is a table that I threw together By crossrefrencing the analog voltages with the gasoline AFR. I need it to start my advance tuning as safe as possible. If you find it is the opposite then you can invert the output polarity in the settings. But there 39 s still more work to do before you try to crank the car up for the first time 2 VE table is the same regardless of the fuel unless you go from gasoline to E85 or to an oxygenated race fuel . 75 AFR May 29 2014 Hey guys Im tuning a boosted ej20g with a megasquirt 3 with ms3x setup for full sequential injection and wrx sti coilpacks as well. I have the everday driving tuned pretty good to match what will be the commanded afr when I switch the MAF back on. If you pulled good ones it 39 s happy. MegaSquirt has been installed on thousands of engines from restored classics to daily drivers to full on race cars. Forgot your password Sign in Feb 10 2007 Re Megasquirt Tuning VE Table Post by panel Mon Feb 07 2011 2 38 am If it were me I 39 d get it to idle nice when she 39 s warmed up and then go to the tuning section and manually make that table smooth or better yet do a log 20min maybe and throw it in the VE Analyzer and let it spit out a better VE table. The free version included on the USB Stick can access all the features and tables of the MegaSquirtPNP. Once you do that click quot Required Fuel quot and enter the information needed there. Basic functions such as fuel ignition and idle programming are covered as well as more advanced features such as anti lag rev limiters traction control closed loop PID control boost control and much more. 550 90mm accufab TB 69mm gt45 3in cold side a a intercooler water injection ba5000 maf 80lb injectors moates quarterhorse stock manifold modified amp a log manifold twin 2in up pipes 60mm wg 3. 5 quot single to VAREX muffler. Currently my fuel air Your VE table looks lean at boost but I 39 m only NA . I usually dont give complete tunes away for free. I started with Tony 39 s Bitzracing kit MS1 with fuel only and have upgraded to MS2 to get an idle valve and EDIS for spark. Click on the VE analyze live tab and click start auto tune on the far right. Knowing this we need to remember to use appropriate fuel lines fuel filters and fuel pumps . Connect your Megasquirt to a 12V fused supply either in the vehicle or on the bench. And this is a place that is an easy place to make some mistakes. The most common flex blend alternative tables to use are Alt. If there is another reason for wanting to do this likely something else is broken set incorrectly. The VE table represents a correction factor from how much fuel the MegaSquirt would inject if you were running a stoichiometric 14. 060 and stock cam and heads. With the engine running you will see a blue dot hovering over the spot in the VE table that the computer is looking at. You decide how aggressive and how fast and other options MegaTune should adjust your VE entries before enabling auto tune. 2 is usually good with 18 22 of timing a steady idle should be attainable with the IAC valve unplugged. 0 Jul 16 2012 As long as you have a reasonable AFR target table VEAL will do a pretty damn good job of getting your tune very close to optimal. No torque. Wants to die when i give it gas. VE Tutorial EFILive Scan and Tuning Tool Create CALC. PM me and I will send you my email if your willing to share. Feb 02 2017 Thanks BlackRex. Go drive the car again while logging and check the changes to the VE table that MLV might have made and if necessary run the VE analyzer tool again and you should be very close to a good tune. Getting a good idle starts with having the timing and fuel set correctly on a 5. Instead of afrs for fueling I 39 m dealing with pulsewidths and ve tables. Aug 16 2020 It was loaded with a a9l tune on tunerstudio on my laptop and worked great. megasquirt TPS vs MAP So got round to a rolling road to do some tuning on my c20xe on throttle bodies. 3 AFR . Dec 05 2017 Depends on Data entered. Keep the same map. Speed Density vs. Lastly plug in the MAP hose. Then the factory ECU connectors. The BPW is then multiplied by the Volumetric Efficiency table which is no longer a VE table in the ideal sense of the word to determine fueling at different load and RPM conditions. jpg 164. Evans Performance Academy will walk you through the tuning process for bolt on naturally aspirated engines to forced induction applications. 2 or 3. Sep 13 2010 Obviously I had to re tune my VE table but after a few datalog runs I was able to dial in for now so that the car runs a hell of a A LOT better. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. You will no longer use the MAP sensor for estimating the load on the engine the throttle position and rpm are used nbsp It has MS PNP and I 39 ve done the basic setup procedures. 2. 131 954 views131K views Tuning with AFR Table vs VE Table Pay it Forward Garage . Wont rev very well. Mustang spark table. Many different Ford ignition systems are supported including TFI DIS EDIS CDI MSD style ignition boxes and via the Internal Expansion Port Individual Coil Packs with a Crank Trigger. MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management System by MegaSquirt Introducing MS3Pro EVO MS3Pro EVO is an evolution not a revolution a scaled up more capable MS3Pro due to shared technology with big brother MS3Pro Ultimate. 5 1 but they really want 11. Reading other peoples 39 claims about their tunes quot I 39 m 13. EGO and AFR table 8. Check all sensor inputs are reading sensibly in Dec 06 2017 Look at the picture and to the right of the graph is the VE table 1 above and the Advance Table 1 below. Jul 20 2007 Tune the ENTIRE table to within 5 . 2 Best to tweak EGO wideband calharder as so it matches gauge. 7. Excellant throttle response at all rpms. AFR Table Fuel Table MSD Spark Table Tune files Map63VetteMSQ megasquirt file right click save target as rename file extension from . 0 1 AFR leaving the cell in the AFR table at 12. 27s solid bushing rear upper lower team z suspension team The tables for tuning make far more logical sense and are much easier to understand. VE table 2 can be used to modify VE table 1 either additive or multiplicative. Hopefully people aren 39 t copy pasting VE numbers into their ECU 39 s. I intentionally made them high then I autotuned with target AFR 39 s to street tune. Do this is it s the first time tuning on a fresh build Engine Main VE Primary VE select all multiply table by 1. You can tune your VE tables a couple of ways 1. Next you need to start the engine. 89 Coupe 362CI 227cc HP Heads Super Vic EFI 80mm Turbo C4 and MS2 Extra 9. Fitting on the car very easy Starting amp warming up no problem But the initial VE table computed for the 20E results in a very rough idle much too lean . I 39 ve got my AFR table set now just have to tweak the VE table and timing table. If you need someone else to drive do it. 11. This is a tool for establishing a baseline spark advance table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt or MicroSquirt controllers. 4. Ignition Table Megasquirt. 3. The Table that needs nbsp 11 Jun 2012 Don 39 t forget that megasquirt does interpolate between cells. I need a few pointers. Thought folks could use the VE table and Spark for a reference. Once you have your main VE table tuned you may wish to explore these tables. Megasquirt Forum Area is for Accel enrich problems wrong VE table whizzybang on 05 05 19. Most of my AFR 39 s are near enough where I want them to be they just need fine tuning. Megalogviewer is Java and runs fine on Windows or GNU Linux. 8s on the right and left of that 15. This will fine tune your AFRs and it works quite well. It also allows you to use a laptop connected to the MS II to configure monitor MS3X MS3 Pro ECUs have two tables specifically for idle Idle VE and Idle Advance. A single table is still used and Megasquirt handles the transition according to the setpoint curve. MegaSquirt Fuel Equation Ignition Input Batch Bank Sequential Injection and MegaSquirt. For most cars this is a good table to start with though rather rich in the non cruise areas of the map. I will be Also I used a Megasquirt 1 vs the OP s Megasquirt 2. 0 an idle AFR of 13. I am a software engineer with little experience with low level electronics. Use Tony 39 s file to start the engine and then tune the VE table to your specific engine. He makes a thorough kit. MicroSquirt Module controller is a SMT version of the MegaSquirt II and V3 main board versions of the MegaSquirt fuel injection controller. Sun Nov 09 2014 4 41 am. This table is used to measure how much fuel the engine needs to optimally run. View any 16 grouped Replay Signals. May 18 2004 Use information and megasquirt settings ve tables and ignition tables found in this and any post at your own risk The Links MegaSquirt FAQ FIRST Thing to read Second thing to read formal introduction purchasing instructions pre assembled kit options it will get you started May 09 2015 Those logs captured would be a helpful aide towards creation of a safe quot MSQ quot or tune but many myself included have taken that task on head first and developed every map and setting from the standard inserts that MS provides or generates required fuel generator or VE table generator for example and then fine tune things one step at a time. The tables for tuning make far more logical sense and are much easier to understand. As I ve done a few Megasquirt installs it didn t take me too long to wire it up on the FJ40. Megasquirt timing table generator Megasquirt timing table generator This tune file should be close to what you need if you are running FRPP lu47 injectors. 7 1 map without knock sensor it is very hard to fine tune it further of course i hear then it pings but high rpm can mask it. 6. So far I 39 ve managed to get very light loads up to 2000 RPM pretty stable in the same range as idle 13. Given a valid msq file the one used with a log file a . com Creating an Initial AFR Table for Tuning. My current 1 05 10 VE and timing table can be seen here for reference. These items This table works ok if you want it perfect you need to tune it on a dyno. I 39 ve gotten close but now I 39 m getting lazy and enabling EGO Correction is easier than trying to get all of the tables and corrections perfect. It is a Fuel Injection computer that you assemble yourself. Here is the start of megasquirt conversion take place. Get your tuning computer to talk to the ECU. 92 u000BTunerStudio Setup 92 u000BIn order to datalog a maf setup properly we will need to make a custom. VE trim tables 1 amp 2 to modify balance the 2 banks of injectors AFR table 1 to set air fuel ratio about 12 1 everywhere Next I 39 ve tuned Megasquirt I 39 ve tuned na and I won 39 t give you a bunch of quot buy an xt quot just this one. Alpha N and the VE table 7. Table cells marked for each record Navigate quickly through Log files hundreds of thousands of records long. Then drove it 30 miles sat in a drive thru for 10 minutes. Launch control and table switch circuit table switch is on JS9 Launch JS11 Software. Also you can make changes to Megasquirt LIVE. Thanks You will then enter values into the table so that above 100Kpa you will be tuning twords a 11. Q. Idle part throttle full throttle and fuel economy are all covered. Set it nbsp These are small VE and spark tables which are used only at idle. Using the VE Analyze feature in MegaLogViewer you can adjust and modify your current VE table. Mar 09 2018 V10 20psi tune with 12 afr tune. To start you tuning efforts with MegaSquirt II or MicroSquirt you can calculate an initial VE table that has sufficient RPM and kPa bins as well as an estimate of the VE based on your maximum torque and horsepower figures. The values in this target table will be the raw voltage output from the oxygen sensor controller not actual air fuel ratios. ini file that will be located in the projectcfg folder of your tune folder. Another advanced option is quot VE trim tables quot when you enable this you can trim each injector in order to reach the same AFR EGT on all cylinders I think you need 4 widebands EGT for that. VE trim tables 1 amp 2 to modify balance the 2 banks of injectors AFR table 1 to set air fuel ratio about 12 1 everywhere Next Apr 06 2012 If all of the tables are set correctly Megasquirt can run the motor in open loop and always inject the perfect amount of fuel to achieve the AFR target. 8. 01 05 Miata MX5. Despite being simple the software can be powerful in the right hands. Autotune is awesome you just set up your target AFR table and turn it on and it will automatically adjust your VE table to match the AFR 39 s you The MegaSquirt III is a drop in daughter card that greatly expands the MegaSquirt 39 s functionality. Everything works as it should and comes with extra pinouts for datalogging other sensors. Runs excellant and started easily using the base VE table. Select map A or the first available map from A to J . VE_Table B0101 Map 1. Megasquirt do my bidding. Everytime I make some changes to the spark advance map I save it as a backup so I can always compare it to the previous advance numbers I used. Even if the VE Table is totally out to lunch using Auto Tune will eventually correct the injector PW to try and match the Requested AFR at a particular RPM and Load. Assuming you have fuel pressure that the injectors have been tested and are working and that you have spark configured correctly you ll need to make sure the throttle is open Nov 27 2014 Normally when warm 85C 90C the enrichment will be 0 meaning 100 of VE table. Jun 19 2012 I 39 ve been slowly road tuning my car and I 39 ve started to get my VE table dialled in to where I want to to be but now I 39 m having an issue which I 39 m not sure if it relates to my ITB Switchpoints or just how I have my VE table configured. Press Ctrl Enter to open the Map property editor window. Idle VE under the Startup Idle menu is the most useful. What makes my install a little unique is the application. There are a few spots where it goes to 3 4 for a split second while accelerating or decelerating. But the Target AFR table is the main controller. Ideally this setting should be turned on before any tuning and the AFR table set to your target AFRs. No need for a separate data acquisition system MS3Pro EVO will log up to 64 channels conservatively at 330hz. 7 for sequential but you may have to adjust your fuel VE table if it isn 39 t. After 1999 Ford went to a returnless fuel system. The higher the number the more boost. We now have complete ready to run MegaSquirt III ECUs. I 39 ve been intrigued with the MegaSquirt project since it was first featured on Slashdot sometime in early 2003. Jul 02 2011 As far as quot The megasquirt having far more features quot I kinda doubt it but Jeremy at FM will send you a base tune specifically designed to work with your cars modifications and guarantees that the car will start and run. Apr 29 2010 Just set all the base settings to suit you ignition set up and injector sizes etc then use the VE calculator to calculate a Fuel table Set a base ignition table. The advanced TunerStudio software provides an intuitive straight forward tuning experience for pros and enthusiasts alike with best in class self learning self tuning fuel table strategies to assist you. MegaTune is also able to tune the VE tables on its own based on inputs from a wideband sensor. The most important of these are the Req_Fuel value and the VE table 8x8 volumetric efficiency table . car rental deals orlando florida MegaTune can be downloaded from our software library for free great Windows and later configuration editor for the MegaSquirt EFI You may want to check out more software such as With fuel I took a look at the algorithm that MS uses for fueling and figured out roughly what my cell values should be. The X axis is rpm while the Y axis is throttle MegaSquirt Tuning We ve been driving the 142 around town the last few days tuning its new fuel injection system. 7 or close to it. MegaSquirt is a revolutionary performance oriented engine management system EMS developed by Grippo amp Bowling. Sign In. 7 at WOT quot makes it seem like my AFRs are supposed to be much more stable but they are almost constantly changing as Your V3 MicroSquirt controller uses a variable voltage signal from a throttle position sensor TPS to determine when the engine is at or near full throttle to shut off feedback from the O2 sensor when the engine throttle is opening or closing rapidly and needing an accel decel enrichment and when the engine is flooded and needs to be cleared. VE fuel map always stays the same it is reference for final calculation it is generated by Tunerstudio collecting info using wideband lambda driving on the road real 14. Turbo supercharged or NA the MegaSquirt can handle your fueling needs. 18 Sep 2019 I run through a common mistake as I am looking through VE AFR and Spark Tables inside of Tunerstudio for Megasquirt and Speeduino. it seems the intuitive way to anothe rmajor benefit of VE tuning is your table and settings are nbsp 30 Aug 2014 The VE table is your primary tuning table. When we 39 ve got that set up if we come back to our fuel settings here click on that tab we 39 ve got two tables here. Dec 10 2003 The MegaSquirt system requires a separate computer like a laptop to tune the system once it is operational. X2 on the Megasquirt. 0 The VE table is a result of the auto tuning calculations based on the Req. The numeric values of VE table goes from 0 to 255 MAC Boost solenoid valve for avcr hondata s300 kpro Vems Megasquirt. If you tune it yourself you want to increase VE just above the point where the engine is straggling when warming up try to keep it around 14. Injectors are huge and nbsp I tuned this area of the VE table at light throttle so that 39 s where I got the AFR 39 s correct if I adjust it to not be lean around the 20 TPS in that Load nbsp 22 Jan 2008 Tuning the VE table Rescaling the VE Table Tuning the AFR Table Properly tuned MegaSquirt will start your engine quickly and reliably. This is a tool for establishing a baseline VE table for your tuning efforts with MegaSquirt. Flexible spark advance table You can have different rpm and kPa bins than VE and AFR tables Wide Band or Narrow Band Oxygen sensor compatible. msq then don 39 t worry about it Map63VetteMSD MSD Ignition file right click save target as Downloadable Zip Megasquirt DIYPNP 5. Drove it today pulling some fuel from my boost section. ly MegasquirtCourse Mar 17 2010 Two days ago I decide to load the latest firmwire to try to resolve a wideband issue. This is real tuning. What your getting Complete and functional MS in L Jet case with FlyBack board installed and functional The VE value inside MegaSquirt 39 s RAM memory is modified and your engine feels the effect immediately but it is not burned to flash and made 39 permanent 39 until you click quot Burn Table quot . 2 island could actually be stoich 14. One caveat is that for serious boost levels proper fuel tuning requires the use of their specific compensation May 23 2011 The tuning program Tuner Studio for MS has a tune as you drive feature that uses some kind of voodoo matching wide band O2 readings with all of the other readings to adjust fueling as you drive. The engine is having heating trouble And im hoping this is down to the fuelling and mapping of the engine. With EGO on take a long drive datalog. 0 V6 ran perfectly with this MegaSquirt and he got it somewhat tuned through the rev range. lt Previous Thread Next Thread gt Just wondering Kristian and Craig how do you go about tuning your VE and spark tables. You will then enter values into the table so that above 100Kpa you will be tuning twords a 11. Start the EFILive Scan Tool Software if it is not already started . Auto tune only the one VE point you select. Based on MegaSquirt technology the PiMP is designed to run the ignition system stock to your vehicle by default. Megasquirt still works OK with the burned transistor Not used with the high impedance yellow injectors. Megasquirt Kit bought from US Kit in assembling The Messy engine bay wiring Mitsubishi DSM 1G 4 2 CAS Sensor replacement In car wiring fxxked up and re routed Finished product Megatune Tuning Setting VE Table Mar 24 2009 Are you trying to take an easy way to tune and modify your stock engine and really don 39 t care about MAP CLT AFR and VE table etc. 2 AFR at idle and 12. the only variable changing would be the type of fuel used. MegaSquirt works on a number of levels to inject the correct amount of fuel into your engine. 25 . MegaSquirt and MicroSquirt controllers are experimental devices intended for educational purposes. Their AFR table at a certain load rpm point might say 12. What is Megasquirt MegaSquirt is a Do It Yourself universal programmable electronic fuel injection controller for internal combustion engines. Megasquirt will try its best to match the AFR 39 s you pull out of your bum. That 39 s tuning. David J. Enrichment or enleanment from stoichiometric comes from the AFR table. Alternative Tuning W. Megasquirt is weird on the exhaust side and you need to read it as 40 minus X to find the retard amount. 0 the Bill Of Materials the case pre machined endplates and heatsink bar even the tube of heatsink compound and a bit of jumper This will fine tune your AFRs and it works quite well. fuel algorithm To tune the MAF correction table without a MAP sensor you need to know that a certain voltage output from the MAF means a specific grams of air per sec going through the MAF. This table lets the user define the optimal gear for any speed and load. 9. Ran fine. Press F11 or click the Maps F11 tab page. AutoTune will tune your VE table while you drive to match the ratios defined on this table. My issue is I have no idea what do with the ignition table other than pull a degree of nbsp 15 Oct 2006 You can then go to Tuning gt Ve Table 1 Then Tools gt Autotune The red dot will now chase the green dot around and tune to the target AFR you nbsp Hey all started to work on Megasquirt tuning. There are a few software applications to help you tune and configure your MegaSquirt. 12 x 12 tuning tables for Volumetric Efficiency VE table 12 x 12 for Air Fuel Ratio AFR table and 12 x 12 for Spark Advance table. Logged 94 BB Sleeved gen IV LS7 MS3ProU with TC RONIN 8. For each cell the auto tuning reads the AFR and changes the VE table 39 s value until the actual AFR value from the oxygen hits the value in the AFR table 39 s cell. 3beta. The paid version of TunerStudio simply adds tuning and analysis software such as VE Analyzer Live to tune the fuel tables based on wideband O2 feedback requiring a wideband O2 sensor and controller sold separately . The required fuel pressure seemed to be set for a 355ci V8. See full list on megasquirtpnp. Navigate to the Ignition Settings gt Ignition Options Decoder Wheel For v1. 9 L compression is 8 13 1 the injectors is deka 1d zmz 6354 its defender build to sport trophy TR 2 there are some pictures of manager and wire shema Now the engine start after 8 May 07 2017 6. No power though. If you do not burn the table the changes will be lost the next time the power is cycled on MegaSquirt. Correct Timing. Go to the VE table check the rate of increments 1 2 5 etc . Warm up is a personal tune based on your engine which must consider compression camshaft and exhaust system. Zoom in and out. If quot Fixed Advance quot is set to quot Use Table quot set it to quot Fixed timing quot . even early on while I was still auto tuning the VE table and it was running quite lean. Im using same as you and had to drop lower cal to 6. This was confirmed correct on dyno. 0 degrees. Basically it just takes the output from your wide band sensor and alters your fuel table to match your target AFR table. This is my approach on idle tuning. Megasquirt is an excellent entry level EMS system offering the ability to tune most any engine for an amazing price. msq if it already saves as . 9. Said system is found in any stock 39 03 39 04 Cobra. Mar 14 2012 for me i would just tune my gas tune on my 42 46 that i plan on getting and then fill up with e85 and make a second ve table for the e85. PDA. Understanding how MegaSquirt controls the fuel injectors will help you to assemble test and tune your MegaSquirt for best performance. We 39 ve already looked at our fuel VE table one. It is designed to work in Internet Explorer 6. Then whilst driving around in quot auto tune quot mode I set the AFR table to follow in quot tuning quot and fiddle with the AFR in each bin and seeing how the engine likes it. Set the req_fuel correctly tune car. How MegaSquirt Works. car rental deals orlando florida MegaTune can be downloaded from our software library for free great Windows and later configuration editor for the MegaSquirt EFI You may want to check out more software such as May 28 2010 Due to very limited budget I 39 ve decided to build my own ecu to fit in my car. This megasquirt had come from a Triumph Stag so an odd choice of engine A super charged fuel injected 355ci Stag Megasquirt Maps Thu Mar 28 2013 7 51 am I am on the lookout for anybody that may have a base map or working map for a megasquirt that I can use as a base tune to help get my car started. jpg 158. The tuner guy is clearly not an ms guru and the car has clearly been frigged to run using a couple of tricks prior to it 39 s sale to me. As you are driving down the road the Hydra is updating the tune. Creating an Initial Spark Table for Tuning. Tunerstudio has a very simple and effective auto tuning solution for speed density set ups. If you buy the paid version of TunerStudio it comes with a neat feature called nbsp 1 Aug 2017 I had my car tuned by a shop to get it done faster but I still would like to learn how the ve table and the afr table are used together. 0 ranges between 0 200 with 100 being the unadjusted mid point in the cells and 50 duty at the valve optionally with Freq valve to VE set to 2. Simon 39 s Hollywell Alfa 75 3. For these conditions of rpm and MAP the VE table calls for 85 percent. 57 21 Megasquirt Live Training Turbocharged Mazda Miata Part 4 Have been on a long Megasquirt road. I 39 ve search on all the forum but don 39 t find anything. Still working at balancing my rising rate fpr with the ve. in this mode we also split the additional EFI style tuning features VE tables are the main point of adjustment for the running fuel trim and nbsp So once you 39 ve either assembled or received your pre assembled ECU you 39 ll need Next you 39 ll need to load your base map by clicking File gt Open Tune msq . The ve table does that when i have Auto Tune on and it just takes all the fuel away when i let go nbsp This can and will throw off the VE auto tune as well. Taking some time to get this worked out will pay off in the long run. We explore using the open and closed loop fuel tuning techniques to dial in the main VE fuel table as well as optimizing the fuel injection timing table. tuning ve table megasquirt